Getting to Know Brian Adamski, Realtor

You WILL be very happy with me as your Realtor!

Phoenix has been home for over 17 years so I know the entire Metro Phoenix Area well. I have helped clients in just about every city in the valley. Some of my best deals (buying or selling) have occurred in neighborhoods I never worked in before. Competency has nothing to do with proximity. 
Metro Phoenix Realtor
You will receive a high level of customer service regardless of your price point. 

I look for problems before they happen. I have countless deals under my belt and have gained valuable expertise from each to better serve you.

This detective work helps fuel my negotiation skills. Part of what makes me a great negotiator is that I gather a lot of information about the seller/buyer/house/neighborhood/other Realtor/etc before I actually start negotiating.

Ensuring you get the best deal possible. My analytical and research skills are top-notch. Most Realtors don't have even a fraction of this very important skill set.

You've got questions. I've got answers. Being responsive is another great benefit you will have with me. While I can't guarantee I will always be able to answer the phone, I promise that I will get back to you very quickly (usually within minutes).

Looking to sell? I know what buyers are looking for so I will help you prepare your house so that it shows its best so you get the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

Looking to buy? I will have patience and take a no-pressure approach to find you the right house. Once we find the right house, another very important skill I possess is how to present your offer to the seller's Realtor. I have a great track record of getting my buyer's financing offer accepted (cash is not always king) in a deal with many offers even though it was not the highest one. Experience matters! 

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Reviews of Clients

Rafael Chavez-Alcorta and Silvia Torrealva Buyers
Before Brian, we tried another realtor who had excellent reviews, but did not meet our expectations. Then Brian was referred to us and it was clear to us that he was more interested in our needs than in making a sale.

Mike Strilich Seller
Brian recently helped me sell my Gilbert home... it sat along a busy road which I thought would devalue it... Nevertheless, Brian recommended a list price higher than I anticipated, but in the end, the house sold for $10K more in less than a week.

Adding Me to Your Team EQUALS Success for You!

Experience. Responsive. Results. I have what it takes for you to be successful as I have for hundreds of clients before you. 

You will work with me directly and not be passed to an assistant as many other top Realtors do. While I have a team working behind the scenes, I will be the only person you talk to (except your lender and title company) so that we can always be on the same page.

Text or Call Me at 480-529-3122 or Email Me

Text or Call Me at


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Phoenix Realtor, Brian Adamski

Brian Adamski, Realtor

My Journey to Becoming a Top Realtor in the Metro Phoenix Area

When real estate collapsed in 2008, I started being Realtor. That would almost be like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. LOL. Nevertheless, I have been very successful at it!

Fast forward to 2013 when I reached the being in the top 3.5 percent of all Metro Phoenix Area Realtors and my ranking continues to increase.

Do you like the stereotypical Realtor/Salesie persona? I'm guessing not and I don't like dealing with that type either. Many people tell me that I possess a wonderful combo of technical, organizational, and a warm/calming/funny personality. 

I've been a Realtor for so long that recurrent customers and referrals make up most of my business. I believe this is due to the outstanding customer service and great deals while still keeping my integrity and honesty. The other portion comes from leads I get who discover me online like you are today perhaps.

I do not work alone as I have been instrumental in making the Elite Group of HomeSmart become the most productive team in the Metro Phoenix Area. So you will have a great team backing us while we work towards your goals.

Though I do work a lot of hours, in my free time I will most likely be biking/traveling/hiking with my gorgeous wife, improving our house or yard, or playing tennis.

Helping Sellers

Do you want to sell your house for lots of money? My clients consistently mention that they got more than they thought their house was worth. On a side note, it is usually higher than what Zillow said it was worth too.IDX Image

Staging your house. Because I work with a lot of buyers, I know what they are and are not looking for so I will make you a list of things you should do, most are simple and free, so that your house and yard will appeal to buyers. You might be surprised at how these small things (and usually for no or little money) can put more money in your bank account in a shorter period of time.

Marketing is critical and in this day and age, it is mostly about digital marketing so I will start with having my professional photographer do his magic. I don't just throw them randomly in your listing with no labels as many Realtors do, but I meticulously put them in an order that makes sense and is pleasing to prospective buyers. Then I will see that your listing gets onto thousands of websites. Additionally, I know a lot of Realtors not only in the Metro Phoenix Area but across the country.

I will be there for you through every step of the process with the utmost patience.

Let Me Sell Your House!

Helping Buyers

I want to find your dream home! Let's have an in-depth chat about what your needs, wants, dislikes, etc are.
Ahwatukee Buyers Dreaming
I will quickly grasp the nuances of what you need, want, and don't like. This will help make our journey for the right home more efficient.

I will tell you things straight even if it means that it takes longer to find the right home. Sometimes buyers get excited over that beautiful kitchen which was high on their list, but they fail to factor in the huge negatives the house has. I will be there to tell you about the whole package so that you can make a solid choice rather than one based on emotion.

I know many Realtors across the valley so that is an advantage for you as I sometimes know of a property coming onto the market before most people do.

Call/Text Me at 480-529-3122 or Email Me

Call/Text Me at


or Email Me