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Ahwatukee Condos for Sale

Never once did Brian try to push anything upon me.
Jeff Shaw, Buyer

It is a HOT Seller's Market

Brian made me feel like his most important client.
Sharon Slater, Buyer

Ahwatukee is a wonderful community that combines the convenience of the big city with the safety, security, and sedate pace of life that can only be found in a small town consequently making it a perfect backdrop for condo living. Bordered by South Mountain and the Gila Indian Community, Ahwatukee is a village unto itself that embodies the very best aspects of small-town life. As a result, residents of Ahwatukee get to enjoy all of this abundant natural beauty, the quaint town, and the convenience of nearby Phoenix is right outside your doorstep.

Ahwatukee Condos – A Secure Community and Peace of Mind

Ahwatukee Condos for Sale

Ahwatukee Condos for Sale

“Snowbirds” from Canada and other cold climates choose Ahwatukee condos for the care-free security of condo living so that you can just lock your door on the way out and leave your worries behind you. This is also especially convenient for so many busy executives and downsizing baby boomers who love to travel.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Missy Morris, Buyer

Ahwatukee Condos – Safety, Afordablility, Amenities, and Location

The security of your condo is never in doubt if you choose to invest in an Ahwatukee condo. The benefit is that you could step out for a long lunch with friends on a Saturday afternoon or leave for months at a time and know that your condo is under the watchful eye of your neighbors. Consequently, this means that even if you only live here part-time, your condo and property will be protected and waiting for you when you come back.

Ahwatukee Condos

Ahwatukee Condos for Sale

An Affordable Lifestyle with Ahwatukee Condos

Ahwatukee is well-known for the million-dollar-plus luxury homes and its exclusive communities, but you can have access to the same amenities as those who own multi-million dollar luxury properties for a much smaller investment by investing in a condo or townhome in Ahwatukee. With one of these well-appointed properties, you have access to the same network of hiking trails, golf courses, safe streets, restaurants, pools, etc. for a fraction of the cost of a similar single-family home.

With most condos in Ahwatukee, there is a homeowners’ association fee, but when you consider the money and time you save by not being responsible for the exterior maintenance of your home, the amount you spend each month in HOA fees is easily offset.

Shared Amenities Are Magnified Amenities

It was already mentioned that by investing in an Ahwatukee condo you gain access to a host of community amenities. Firstly, not the least of which is living in one of the most beautiful villages in the Phoenix-metro area. Secondly, by pooling your resources with other residents, you are able to enjoy the quality of amenities that may have been out of reach on your own. For example, the community pools, fully-equipped fitness centers with free, on-demand physical trainers,  and well-appointed clubhouse facilities are just some amenities you can expect when you choose to invest in one of these condos.

Prime Location in One of Phoenix’s Best Communities

Of course, location is everything when you are considering investing in a property in Arizona, and Ahwatukee is certainly a prime location. The South Mountain Park is within an easy walk or drive from everywhere in the community, Phoenix is just a short drive away, the weather in this region is warm year-round – boasting over 300 days of sunshine per year, the community is home to several renowned golf courses and even an equestrian center. If peace and quiet, as well as convenience, is what you need in a home, this is definitely the place for you.

Ahwatukee has a Diverse Selection of Condos for Sale

Ahwatukee condos are not one-size-fits-all by any means. In other words, they are as diverse and unique as the large estates for which Ahwatukee is famous. Most importantly, no matter what style or size of condo you are looking for – or the level of amenities – you can find it here. From small one-bedroom condos that exceed two thousand square feet, they are all here for you and I can help you find one.

Realtor, Brian Adamski

Brian Adamski, Realtor