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Brian Adamski, Realtor

Brian Adamski, Realtor

Top Ranking - Based on sales volume, Brian is ranked in the top 3% of all Realtors in the Greater Phoenix Area (aka “The Valley”).

Local Expert - Brian has lived in Phoenix since 2003, knows it well, and has been a full-time Realtor since 2007.

Detail Oriented - There's countless details in real estate transactions and Brian is uber detailed. He frequently sees other buyers/sellers suffering because their Realtor missed some important details.

Totally Honesty - You will find that he is a direct and straightforward person. He won't tell you what you want to hear.

NO Stereotypical Smarmy Salesie Personality - Brian has that perfect combo of being very personable (and funny) and having top-notch "getter-done" skills.

Will You Be Happy with Brian's Service? - Chances are that the answer is yes as most of his business is through repeat clients and referrals. This can be attributed to getting his clients great results while maintaining integrity. More than half of his clients originally discovered him online just like you might be right now.

Strong Midwest Work Ethic - Brian was born and raised in Chicago and, after living five years in St. Louis, he moved to Phoenix in 2003. His parents instilled the Midwest work ethic into him, and for that, he is very grateful.

When Brian is not working, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, traveling with his wife, working on house/yard projects, and playing tennis.

It was clear to us that Brian was more interested in our needs than in making a sale.
Rafael and Silvia Chávez-Alcorta, Buyers

Choosing the Best Realtor

Best Realtor

Need to Sell? Brian typically sells for more than what people think their home is worth; also sells homes about 1/3 faster than most Realtors.

Need to Buy? Brian has frequently gotten his client's offers to be the winning offer in a multiple offer situation even when their offer was not the highest. This also happens when his clients are financing and their lower offer beats a higher cash offer. How does he do it!?!?

Brian is not at all pushy and genuinely wants to help his clients to make the right decision for themselves.
John Higgins, Buyer/Seller

How Brian Will Serve YOU

Phoenix Realtor Serving His Clients

Unwavering Customer Service - Regardless of your price range, he will treat you with the utmost care as customer service is extremely important to him. Your best interests and happiness are his highest priority as he wants to make sure that he becomes your Realtor for life.

Personal Service Throughout - Most of the top Realtors will pass you off to a junior Realtor and/or a transaction coordinator. That is something that he does NOT do. He will give you personalized service and be your first point of contact so that you can have cohesive communication.

Top-Notch Negotiating Skills - Brian is part of the 1% of Realtors nationwide that have earned the CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) designation.

Responsiveness! - His clients can’t understand how he can be so responsive, but he is!

Patience and Guidance - He will guide you through every step of the process up until the day you close. If you have questions along the way, he will explain things in detail until you are at ease.

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Helping Sellers

Determine Home Worth"Thank you, Brian, for getting us more money than we thought our home was worth!" is something that comes up often in Brian’s reviews.

Prepping/staging your house - Part of what makes Brian a great listing agent is that he works with a lot of buyers, so he knows what turns them off/on. He will give you suggestions that will make your home look its best and will, as a result, increase the price and decrease the time on the market.

Marketing Marketing is so important to sell your home and this another area where he excels. He will create a comprehensive marketing program that makes your property stand out and attract qualified buyers. Firstly, he will have professional photos taken. Secondly, his marketing plan exposes your home to 1000s of websites. Thirdly, and is possibly the secret sauce, he has a large network of Realtors valley-wide that he will personally promote it to.

The Market is Hot!

Brian helped get me $35,000 more than another Realtor had advised as a list price!
Tamela DeMik, Seller


This review was from May 2018 when the market was normal. Imagine what Brian can do for you in this hot seller's market!

Helping Buyers

Home Buyers DreamingBrian will Actually Listen to You! You will have an in-depth conversation about what you want beyond just the typical filterable criteria. As a result, your search for the right home will be much more focused so that you don’t waste your time.

He will catch on fast to what you're looking for. Clients have consistently told him that they are amazed at how quickly he catches on to the subtleties of what they want and what they don't want.

Brutal honesty is one thing that sets him apart from other Realtors as he will point out the negatives in homes you see rather than concentrating on the positives so that you can make an informed decision rather than an emotional one which you could regret down the road.

Sincere Analysis - He will give you an honest price analysis of the homes you’re interested in. Many clients are surprised that he says, "Great house, but it is grossly overpriced so here is what we should do…".

No Pressure Approach - Brian will provide you the analysis and his honest opinion, but the final decision is yours.

"You can do better" is something that he frequently tells his clients about a particular house they express interest in. Even though this creates more work for him, he does find a better house for those clients and they are grateful.

Well Connected with Other Realtors - Sometimes Brian knows of homes coming onto the market before the public knows to give you an advantage.

I’ve worked in the Escrow/Title industry for close to 20 years, I’ve worked with tons of Agents over these years and Brian is one of the best! He goes above and beyond for his clients. He has helped me a ton on my own personal sales and I couldn’t be happier!
Melissa Armstrong Wilhelm, Buyer/Seller

Where Does Brian Serve?

Greater Phoenix Area Map

Brian has extensive knowledge of the nuances of most cities within the Greater Phoenix Area as he has helped 100s of families buy/sell in nearly every city within it. This serves his clients well (especially those who are relocating here) as Brian has a knack for understanding their lifestyles, needs/wants, and how each area can have different pros/cons for different clients.

While Brian feels very comfortable all over the Greater Phoenix Area, his sweet spots are:

Brian's Journey to Becoming a Highly Respected Realtor

Brian Adamski, Realtor Journey to the Top

Before becoming a full-time Realtor, Brian worked as a software developer. Warm, personable, and funny, he was not your typical geek unable to communicate with people. After earning his BS in Applied Computer Science from Illinois State University, he established himself as the “go-to guy” for many Fortune 100 companies. He attributes his success to communicating effectively between the IT group and business group, and the ability to create user-friendly software systems to help solve complex business requirements. His clients stated often that Brian understood better what they needed than they did. His skill set is invaluable in the real estate industry as well.

While Brian loved being a software developer he eventually grew tired of Corporate America. In 2005 he pursued his passion for real estate by flipping homes. There were profitable flips and some flops with much knowledge gained along the way. In late 2008, when the market crashed, Brian combined his passion for real estate and helping people by becoming a Realtor. It was a tough market for veteran Realtors, but he made it when many had to leave the business.

Fast forward a few years, 2013 saw Brian enter the top 3% of all Realtors in the Greater Phoenix Area (aka “The Valley”) based on sales volume.

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