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Brian got me a fabulous deal on a great house as well as being totally dedicated to me. As a new arrival, I greatly appreciated Brian's knowledge of the area.
Peter Bassett, Buyer

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Brian knows the Phoenix real estate market really well as he sold our house for top dollar within 1 week.
Aaron and Maria Dickinson, Sellers

Phoenix’s Trendy Biltmore Area at a Glance

Where Exactly is the Biltmore Area?

Biltmore Real Estate has Lots of Shopping Nearby

Biltmore Real Estate has Lots of Shopping Nearby

The Biltmore Area is in Central Phoenix with the heart of it at 24th St and Camelback Rd.

I roughly define the boundaries as:
North: Piestewa Peak Mountain

South: Indian School Rd

East: Western Most Edge of Camelback Mountain

West: I-51

Biltmore Overview

For over eighty years Phoenix’s Biltmore Area has defined luxury and exclusivity. As the name implies, the area was originally the home of the Arizona Biltmore – one of America’s few remaining Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced luxury resorts. Originally opened in 1929, the Phoenix Biltmore quickly attracted glitterati from around the world. Its expansive grounds, breathtaking architecture, and commitment to settling for nothing less than the best earned it the appellation of “The Jewel of the Desert”.

Biltmore High-Rise Condo Living

Biltmore High-Rise Condo Living

As with many Phoenix neighborhoods that boast a resort at their heart, the neighborhood grew around the resort as former guests decided to build permanent homes near where they enjoyed such great vacations – the famous Wrigley Mansion being one of the first and most recognizable.

Today, Phoenix’s Biltmore Area is home to some of the city’s most desirable real estate as well as some of the best restaurants and shops. The center of the neighborhood is still the Biltmore Resort and Spa and the Wrigley Mansion, but the neighborhood has grown to include the Mountain Preserve City Park, the Biltmore Fashion Park, the Camelback Esplanade, and Arizona’s Biltmore Financial Area.

To walk the streets of Biltmore is to step into another place far from the desert. Even though the Biltmore is in the very heart of Phoenix, and a convenient drive to all the iconic Phoenix landmarks, it does not feel like it. Perhaps that is due to the Arizona Biltmore Golf Course that dominates the center of the area with its meticulously manicured greens and mature citrus trees.


It could be the Biltmore Fashion Park?

Biltmore Homes Are Near the Infamous Fashion Park

Biltmore Homes Are Near the Infamous Fashion Park

The Biltmore Fashion Park is a large outdoor boutique shopping center that feels more like a well-maintained park that just happens to have a series of boutique shops and upscale restaurants at convenient points along the perimeter. The Biltmore Fashion Park is anchored by Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue and boasts over 70 boutique shops and several fine restaurants.


It could be the character of this unique neighborhood.

The Biltmore Area is more than just a resort, golf course, and a mall. It is an upscale neighborhood full of unique properties. Roughly, the Phoenix Biltmore Area is bounded on the north by the Piestewa Peak Mountain, to the south by Indian School Road, to the east by the Camelback Mountain, and to the west by I-51.

Biltmore Real Estate

Biltmore Luxury Homes for Sale

Biltmore Luxury Homes for Sale

There are several upscale developments along the Camelback Corridor that offer large lots and true luxury homes that boast amenities that will satisfy even the most discerning buyer. These properties are far from the cookie-cutter McMansions you find in many modern developments. Each property is unique and possesses a character and feel all its own. These properties range in price from $700,000 to in excess of $5 million.

In addition to traditional single-family homes, the Phoenix Biltmore Area is full of luxury condos and townhome developments. The massive high-rise condo developments such as the Biltmore Optima and Biltmore Square with rooftop terraces, private parking garages, concierge service, and expansive floor plans seem like they would be more at home in Manhattan, but they are right here in downtown Phoenix. Maybe that is why so many New Yorkers buy second homes in Biltmore. In addition to high-rises, there are lower profile multi-unit developments in the area such as Biltmore Terrace, the Cloister, and the Fairway Lodge – many of which take advantage of the nearby golf course and nearby Piestewa Park and the Camelback Mountain.

The Phoenix Biltmore Area is a truly unique and exclusive area right in the heart of Phoenix. To discover Phoenix Biltmore homes and condos for sale, feel free to use the free MLS tool found here on this site.

Residential neighborhoods in the Camelback Corridor, such as Arcadia and Biltmore, contain stately homes surrounded by mature trees and clean landscaping.

With high-end shopping/dining and neighboring communities like the very popular and upscale Arcadia Area, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale, you can’t go wrong with Biltmore Real Estate!

We owe Brian so much. He went above and beyond.
Sharon Smith, Buyer

Realtor, Brian Adamski

Brian Adamski, Realtor