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Brian Adamski, Realtor

Over $85 Million Sold
Knowledgeable. Responsive. Experienced.

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Things To Consider When

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Brian took the time to understand our motivations and found the perfect home!
Mike and Suki Jeffreys, Buyers
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Let Brian Guide You Home

Over $85 Million Sold
Knowledgeable. Responsive. Experienced.
Brian Adamski, Realtor

Brian quickly and masterfully scheduled and arranged for the preparation of the house using his excellent contacts (paint, carpet, cleaning), enabling us to list the property a mere two weeks after the tenant moved out.
Deb Tharp, Seller
Brian Adamski review from google


About Ahwatukee Gated Communities

It’s simple to become enamored with the exclusivity, elevated status, and even sense of mystery that come with living in one of the many Ahwatukee gated communities. Yet there are numerous other, even observable advantages.

Let’s quickly examine the top 4 benefits of living in a gated community by taking a peek behind those gates.

1. Security

The advantages of residing in a gated community are numerous, but arguably the most obvious and alluring one is a sense of security. The unfortunate truth is that modern-day issues include crimes like home invasion, vandalism, and burglary. Residents feel much safer knowing that strangers are much less likely to be prowling the neighborhood because access requires a coded entry. The gate contributes to decreased crime and increased neighborhood safety.

2. Privacy

Reduce the unsolicited ring of the door bell. You’ll find a lot more peace and quiet if you’re looking for isolation and little outside disturbance. A barrier won’t deter every solicitor, of course, but it will deter the most.

3. Property Value

Indeed, living in a gated community may cost more due to higher HOA dues, but the value of your home will be even more, making up for this cost difference significantly. Homes in one of these communities will have a greater property value because these communities are frequently extremely sought-after. You can relax knowing that homes typically sell for significantly more than those in ungated neighborhoods.

4. Reduced Traffic

Because it’s a restricted access community, there is no public traffic moving through the community, only residents, guests, contractors, and couriers. This can be a wonderful safety benefit for families with pets or small children due to lower traffic passing through, as well as reducing noise.

There are many Ahwatukee gated communities for both condos and single family homes.