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About Mesa

Mesa, Arizona, is the third-largest city in Arizona, with a population of just over 509,000 people. This bustling city is home to over 120 defined neighborhoods and possesses a diverse homes for sale covering many price points and types. Whether you are just starting out or downsizing and hope to invest in a modest home or you plan to invest millions in a luxury property, it’s here for you in Mesa.

Mesa Homes for Sale

Mesa Homes for Sale

It’s this abundance of housing options – along with a diverse economy — that attracts many young professionals to the area. Over 40 percent of Mesa residents are between 18 and 44 years old.

And the character of Mesa reflects the youth and energy of its population. Great restaurants, popular nightspots, and trendy boutique retail outlets – as well as recognizable chain outlets – fill downtown Mesa and spread throughout the city. This makes it easy for friends to get together and socialize over dinner and drinks every night of the week.

Mesa’s Diverse Real Estate

The city of Mesa – due to its long east-to-west span – is commonly divided into East and West Mesa with Center Street being the accepted point where West Mesa becomes East Mesa.

Property values tend to increase as one moves out from the center of Mesa, with the most highly sought-after luxury properties typically found along the city’s outskirts.

Downtown Mesa

Downtown Mesa

Entry-level and affordable housing options for those just starting out or choosing to downsize are found in the area south of the two college campuses in Mesa – the polytechnic branch of Arizona State University and Mesa Community College.

Working in Mesa

Mesa offers many career opportunities across various industries – both blue and white-collar. Banner Health Systems – a nonprofit healthcare provider — is Mesa’s largest employer employing over 8,000 people. The Mesa Public School System is the second-largest employer, and The Boeing Company rounds out the top three.

In addition to these large-scale employers, Mesa has a thriving economy built on various small businesses. Regardless of a person’s skill set, there are opportunities within Mesa.

What to do in Mesa

When it comes to filling the leisure hours, Mesa has plenty to offer. Surrounded by the Sonoran desert with the Superstition Mountains to the east, Mesa is the outdoor enthusiasts’ dream. Whether that involves hiking or riding through the mountains, tackling the desert in an ATV, exploring the Tonto National Forest, or cooling off at one of Mesa’s three recreational lakes, it’s all right here every day of the week.

Mesa Spring Training

Mesa Spring Training

Mesa’s cultural and artistic heart is Mesa Arts Center – Arizona’s largest art education center. The Mesa Arts Center is one of the nation’s leading artistic incubators, featuring five separate art galleries, a performing arts center, and a rotating series of installations. Mesa’s appreciation and support of the arts extend beyond just the Arts Center. Mesa’s Main Street is lined with no less than 40 permanent sculptures for everyone to enjoy.

Restaurants and nightspots abound within Mesa. Most are concentrated in the downtown area and around the two campuses along University Drive. Here, visitors and residents can find cuisine from every culture known for their culinary contributions – just another example of Mesa’s appreciation for ethnic diversity. In addition to the restaurants and bars around the downtown area, there are plenty of hidden gems scattered throughout the city.