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Why Choose Me as Your Realtor

What Qualities to Look For in a Realtor

In this article, I'll discuss what it takes to be a great Realtor, as well as why so many people have chosen me.

Experience and Local Knowledge

I have lived in Phoenix since 2003 and know the greater Phoenix area and real estate within it very well.

I sell more than 97% of the Realtors in Arizona.

When we work together, my recommendations will vary depending on your goals and what the market conditions are.

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Professional Service

Professionalism and Communication Skills

I value excellent customer service as a consumer. Giving my clients the best possible customer service is even more crucial.

I believe one of the most important aspects of communication is making sure we fully comprehend one another.

Many of my clients have commented on how impressed they were with my ability to understand the nuances of what they were seeking for over the years.

Clients have been astounded by my responsiveness. Many people have told me that they felt like they were my only clients.

Networking and Marketing Skills

You can pick from a variety of the contractors, lenders, home inspectors, handypersons, title companies, etc. on my extensive referral list.

For sellers, I will use social media and thousands of websites to advertise your home. I will also notify over 30,000 agents in my network around the country. With photos, videos, 3D virtual tours, floor plans, and drones, my amazing photography company will make your house appear stunning attracting more potential buyers.

So often I see other top Realtors have no idea how to organize and exhibit the photos in a listing. I spend additional time arranging them in a logical and aesthetically appealing manner. I also put descriptions on each photo. Many Realtors don't. Every detail counts.

Marketing your home online
Trust in Your Realtor

Ethical and Trustworthy

I know it sounds obvious, but Realtors should also be ethical and trustworthy. Instead of focusing on their own interests and objectives, they should put yours first. Many don't. I always put my clients needs first and never rush them.

I cannot tell a lie! I had a job interview to become a TSA agent when I was in college. A lie detector test was needed as part of the interview. The technician told me I was the worst liar he had ever tested. LOL.

Read through my reviews to see how many people say that I'm trustworthy and honest. For me, there is no other option.

I won't always tell you what you want to hear as you're hiring a consultant, not a "yes" man.


I frequently advise my buyers to pass on a home even if they believe that "this is the home" if I am confident that there will better one down the road at the same or lower price. Yes, this adds to my workload, but once we find the right one, they are are happier which makes me happier.

I’ve had clients contact me daily with questions. No worries. That is why I’m here.

I've worked with buyers for 2.5 years trying to find the right home.

A Realtor that has Patience is Paramount
Time is of the Essence in Real Estate


Given that time is of the essence when buying or selling real estate, you should look for a professional who will respond to you very quickly.

Despite the fact that I cannot always answer the phone, I guarantee that I will get back to you within a couple of hours (usually much less).

I'm accessible every day of the week, including weekends and evenings. Believe it or not, many other top Realtors are only available from 9-5.

Even while I'm on vacation, I communicate with my clients to make sure they are being taken care of by my colleagues.

Being Detailed

One of the most overlooked qualities of an excellent real estate agent is their ability to be detail oriented. There are so many details to be handled from the first moment you start working with them to the day they hand you the keys.

So frequently, I observe other agents (including other top Realtors) missing a crucial detail to the detriment of their clients.

I am extremely meticulous, which safeguards you and helps you achieve your goals.

A Realtor needs to be good with details
Making a Decision on Your Ahwatukee Realtor


There are so many Realtors out there. A successful transaction can depend greatly on the choice you make.

Find someone who is a good fit for your needs and goals and that you feel comfortable with.

Finding the ideal real estate agent to guide you through a purchase or a sale is easy if you follow the criteria above.

Will You Choose Me?

If you're considering hiring me as your Realtor, wonderful! With my team of experts, you will be in great hands to help you buy or sell. Please call/text me at 480-529-3122 or fill out the form below.

If you are not ready to contact me yet, no problem. Perhaps reading more about me or perusing my reviews will help persuade you.

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