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Homes for Sale in 85048

Homes for Sale in 85048, 85045, and 85044

The zip codes of 85044, 85045, and 85048 are exclusive to Ahwatukee.

Homes for sale in 85044 are in the eastern part of Ahwatukee where the houses are beautiful, but tend to be older for the most part.

Homes for sale in 85045 are in the western part of Ahwatukee and one can find the newest homes in Ahwatukee here in 85045 with most being built after 2000 and many after 2010.


Homes for sale in 85048 are located in the middle of Ahwatukee. 85048 is by far the largest and most populated of the three Ahwatukee zip codes. The majority of these homes were constructed in the 1990s while some in 2000s. Additionally, most of the Ahwatukee luxury subdivisions are in 85048.

Advantages of Each Ahwatukee Zip Code

One of the advantages of the homes for sale in 85044 over the other two is that access to I-10, the airport, Downtown Phoenix, and Tempe is quicker. Additionally, there is more mature vegetation here since the area is older. A lot of charm in this area.

One aspect of the homes for sale in 85048 that many people like is that many of the neighborhoods are intertwined around the South Mountain foothills. The hilly topography, rugged rockiness, and natural desert areas give the area a lot of character.

As mentioned earlier, the homes for sale in 85045 are generally newer giving you homes that have newer materials and construction techniques especially dealing with energy efficiency. Ahwatukee feels peaceful and suburban in comparison to the other communities and villages in the City of Phoenix. The homes in 85045 feel this even more than those in 85044 and 85048.

Homes in 85045 and homes in 85048 are much more accessible from the the rest of Phoenix valley with the fairly new 202 highway. Even traveling to and from the west valley is now a lot less difficult thanks to the extended 202.

Homes for Sale in 85048

Homes for Sale in 85045

Homes for Sale in 85044

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