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Land for Sale in Ahwatukee

Brian Adamski, Realtor

The Market is Cooling, but it's Still a Seller's Market

Ahwatukee Land on the Market

Building a Custom Home in Ahwatukee

Land for Sale in Ahwatukee to Build Your Custom Home

Land for Sale in Ahwatukee to Build Your Custom Home

Have you always dreamt of building your own custom home? There is still plenty of land for sale in Ahwatukee that you can do that on! I can help you through the process to purchase the land, referring architects and custom home builders.

How expensive will your project be? It depends on a number of factors. For starters, the topography of the land; is it flat, hillside, wash going through it, etc? Second, of course, is the square footage of the home, the finishes, and a whole lot more.

Generally speaking, the larger the piece of land, the larger the building envelope (i.e., the available area to build on including the house, patio, pool, landscaping, etc).

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We were very pleased that you didn't back down when the seller got squirmy.
Steve and Carrie Berdrow, Buyers
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Not knowing where to start in finding a realtor, I went online and saw that Brian Adamski had good reviews. He immediately made my life easier!
Richard and Susan Sauncy, Sellers
Brian Adamski review from google

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