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Ahwatukee Newer Homes
(Built in the last 5ish years)

Brian Adamski, Realtor

The Market is Cooling, but it's Still a Seller's Market

Ahwatukee Newer Homes on the Market

New Homes in Ahwatukee!

New Homes in Ahwatukee

New Homes in Ahwatukee

New homes do exist in Ahwatukee!

Ahwatukee has been a great place to live for a very long time. Not too often do new home developments come to Ahwatukee, but they do come.

Perhaps you are interested in buying a new spec home (i.e., a home that the builder has in their inventory), or perhaps you would like to build your own from scratch. It typically takes about 7-9 months to build a new home.

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Having an Experienced Realtor Makes a Difference

Brian was very patient and quickly matched our needs with properties.
Missy Morris, Buyer
Brian Adamski review from google

Throughout the experience, Brian was able to answer any questions about various strategies in terms that completely made sense.
Jeff Strain, Seller
Brian Adamski review from google

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